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Adriatic Slovenia

On the most northern part of the Adriatic Sea, where the sea reaches far into the European continent, lies the Slovene coast. In spite of the fact that it is only 46.6 kilometres in length, it will charm you with its exceptional beauty and rich cultural and historical heritage.

Visit the ancient coastal towns of Koper and Izola, the best preserved historical town – the monument Piran, and a world known town of Portoroz with more than 120 years of tradition in summer resort and spa tourism. The Slovene Istria hinterland hides softly curved hills with olive tree groves and vineyards, and stone Istrian villages like Padna, Kostabona, Krkavce and Hrastovlje.

The lovers of natural beauty will be fascinated by the Landscape Parks Strunjan Salt-pans and Secovlje Salt-pans, where, even today, the salt is harvested in the same manner as in the 13th century. The Secovlje Salt-pans is a territory with incredible variety of rare species of birds, which nest and spend the winter here.

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