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Jama Hotel

A three star hotel, as a part of the tourist centre, located only about 100m from the Postojna Cave entrance, provides 220 beds in standard furnished rooms. It has a restaurant with 400 seats and a smaller congressional centre with two conference halls, one containing 50 seats, the other 150.

A part of the complex of the tourist centre Postojna Cave is also the Jamski dvorec (Jamski Manor) with a cave restaurant Zmajev hram, Sladoledni vrt (Ice-cream Garden), theme park Modrijanov mlin (Modrijan’s Mill) with a wine cellar and sawmill, restaurants with a terrace, gift shop, jewellery shop and an exchange office. In the park by the river Pivka, the entry into the underworld, the visitors can find a spot for a midday break in the deep shadows of the trees.

Due to the renovation of facilities and expansion of the hotel chain LifeClass, and subsequently the rise in quality of accommodation and services, the hotel anticipates the beginning of construction works in 2007.

At the conclusion of construction works in 2008, a new, modern, four star hotel complex with top quality hotel offer from LifeClass and additional services will be available.

Jama Hotel
Jama Hotel
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