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Predjama Castle

Only 9 kilometres from the Postojna Cave, built high into the cliff face, visibly accessible only from one side, the Predjama Castle rules over its surroundings.

For more than 700 years it has presided in a 123 m high rocky cliff, majestic, provocative and unconquerable. The Castle of today has a renaissance image, but the time of its origins is confirmed by the coat-of-arms of its owners, the Kobenzl family, from 1583, and behind it, an older base hides, the original cave castle, the unconquerable haven of the daring, headstrong and rebellious knight Erazem of Predjama. Records show that the castle had existed in the 13th century, but most likely it is even older. Old pictures and descriptions, especially those from the last 200 years, tell that the Predjama Castle was visited and admired by travellers, who were not afraid of the dangerous path to the castle and scared off by its difficult approach.

In the middle of the rocky cliff, there is an entrance into the Horse Barn, one of the entrances to the Cave under the Predjama Castle.

Predjama Castle
Predjama Castle
Predjama Castle
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