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Hotels Postojna

The Postojna Cave is one of the most beautiful Karst caves in the world. You can enter it by a cave train, from which you can admire a complex of 20 kilometres of amazing tunnels, galleries and halls with unimaginably sculptured masterpieces that the nature has been creating over the millennia.

At the entrance to the Postojna Cave the tourist centre Postojna Cave is located. It is comprised by Jama Hotel, Jamski dvorec with the restaurant Zmajev hram, Sladoledni vrt, theme park Modrijanov mlin with a winery and sawmill, restaurants and bars with terrace, gift and souvenir shops, jewellery shop and an exchange office. In the landscaped park by the Pivka River, which enters the underworld at this point, the visitors can find their spot for their midday rest in the cool shade of trees.

Hotels Postojna
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